Palm Branches

3ft - £12.85

5 ft - £16.10

7ft - £19.60

Palm Leaves (per 100) £19.60



Mothering Sunday cards


Postcards (lots of designs) £7.50 per pack of 50 or 15 p each




New Lent Books:


The Things He Did : The Story of Holy Week

By Stephen Cottrell

SPCK Published Price £7.99 - OUR PRICE £6.99

Six challenging chapters unpacking what the events of Holy Week have to teach us.Stephen Cottrell draws out their political and religious significance as Jesus moves towards his greatest and final act - his death and his resurrection.

Each chapter has pointers for reflection and a list of questions for discussion. It is perfect for either group or individual study and reflection.

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Other titles by Stephen Cottrell also available.

The Things he Carried. A journey to the cross:

Meditations for Lent & Holy Week. Special offer £6.99

The Things he Said.

The Story of the first Easter Day. Special price £5.99

Christ in the Wilderness : Reflections on the paintings by Stanley Spencer.






Dethroning Mammon. Making money serve grace.

By Justin Welby. Bloomsbury. Special Offer £8.99.


In his first full-length book Justin Welby looks at the subject of moneyand materialism. Designed for study during Lent , Dethroning Mammon reflects on the impact of our own attitudes and the pressures that surround us and how we deal with the power of money, Mammon. Who will be on the throne of our lives? Jesus or Mammon? Through this book the Archbishop encourages to dethrone Mammon and use lent as a time of learning to trust in the abundance and grace of God

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The spirit of Lent

Canterbury Press £9.99

The bestselling writer Paula Gooder takes us on a journey of exploration into the wilderness for Lent and shows us that whilst the desert can be a place of fear and desolation, it is also the very setting that God may choose to meet us and call us into a new way of being and living.




BY Tom Wright. SPCK £3.99

Lent would not be Lent without aTom Wright contribution!

This is the follow-up to the massively successful Lent for Everyone: Luke Year C, bringing Lent reading to a new audience. The book gently takes the reader through the designated Lectionary readings for every day of Lent and Easter. The Bible readings are Tom Wright's own clear and accessible translations from Matthew for Everyone (SPCK, 2002). Each passage is followed by a freshly written reflection and a prayer that will help readers to ponder the relevance of Matthew's Gospel for their own lives. Suitable for both individual and group study and reflection, Tom Wright's Lent book will allow readers to make Matthew their own, thoughtfully and prayerfully. It will help to make the journey through Lent a period of rich discovery and growth.

At only £3.99 a copy this makes it a very attractive group study book.

We will also offer a 10% discount on bulk buys of 10 copies or more.




The meaning of the Cross and Resurrection Now and Then

Rowan Williams. SPCK

Special offer price £7.99

Not to be outdone by Tom Wright, Rowan Willams too, has produced a wonderful new book for Lent.

Reviews of this book use language such as 'life-changing' (Wendy Beckett), 'inspiring' (Nick Gumbel), 'easily accessible' (Miroslav Volf), 'challenging' (Lucy Winkett).

Exploring the tenets of our Christian faith and spirituality in a fresh and contemporary vein Rowan Williams gives us an insight into the fundamental meaning of life itself.

Each chapter ends with questions for reflection and discussion. This book lends itself just as well as 'book group' book as it does a Lent study group title.

It can also be used for personal reflection.

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Palm Crosses per pack of 50 £8.60

Produced by African Palms Ltd and the proceeds go to help communities in Africa and provide employment locally.

Also available to buy are fresh palm leaves.

Bundles of 100   £19.60

Branches 7 foot  £19.60

           5 foot  £16.10

           3 foot  £12.85  

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