Clerical Shirts

Shirts for men

 Tonsure Style


 (also available in grey)



         Black                         Royal blue              Bottle green

          Slip in collar style

            Long sleeve £26.50

            Short sleeve £25.50 (Black and grey)

Also available in navy blue, pale blue, denim grey

Tunic - £26.50

To order: e-mail

                Phone 0161 835 1069

   Slip in collars £1.00 each. 1" or 1.25" available



 Shirts for women 



Long sleeve slip-in-collar                                       £26.50

Short sleeve slip-in-collar                                      £24.50

 Also available in pale blue, black and lilac colours.

To order: e-mail

Phone 0161 835 1069 

Studs and collars:

Studs front (long) / Back (short)                            £2.00 each

Studs butterfly style                                               £2.70 each

Pear shaped stud collar                                        £2.50 each

          Slip - in collars. £1.00 each 1" or 1.25" depth available.

Tonsure collars                                                     £1.70 each

Collars for use with tunic style shirts                    £4.60each