28th April 2017

The Witch Finder's Sister

By Beth Underdown


Published by Penguin

Beth Underdown lectures in creative writing at the University of Manchester. Her first novel, The Witchfinder's sister, is based on the life of the 1640's witchfinder Matthew Hopkins


21st, April 2017


By Simon Jenkins

(Editor of Ship of Fools Website)

SPCK £9.99

A hilarious look at apocalyptic theology! & other theological questions. Simon lifts the lid on pious loo seatcovers, android vicars, footballers called Jesus and the seven deadly chocolates of Lent. A refreshing, witty and perceptive book.


31st. March 2017

For Peace & for Good

A History of the European Province of the Community of St.Francis

Helen Stanton. Canterbury Press. ££19.99

This is the history of an influential Anglican order, the Community of St.Francis. Written with the full co-operation of the community, it sets their particular story against the wider backdrop of the call ans charisms of the founders, Saints Francis and Clare,and against the extraordinary surge of women's vocations to the religious life during the Catholic revival in the Church of England. Great photographs too!



24th.March 2017

Martin Luther: Catholic Dissident.

Peter Stanford.

Hodder and Stoughton. £20.00

A new biography by the renowned Catholic author Peter Stanford.

'A compelling biography of one of the greatest men of the modern age. Stanford is particularly brilliant on the tensions inside Luther's private and spiritual life. This is a very fine book, written with a flourish,'

(Melvyn Bragg)


10th.March 2017

Jumble Sales of the Apocalypse

Simon Jenkins.

SPCK £9.99

 Neglected theological questions are rigorously examined in this book. With its gently satirical take on some of the weird ways in which people express their beliefs, it's a book that will help you appreciate the true value of religion by exploring the comedy of its wilder excesses. Whether you're a believer or a non-believer, fond of religion or a more than just a bit suspicious of it, you'll find your assumptions are far from safe after reading it!


1st March 2017

Fierce Imaginings

THE GREAT WAR, Ritual Memory and God.

By Rachel Mann


 Price until 10th. March £10.00 (£12.99 thereafter)

'This is not just another book on the tragedy of the First World War. it is an intelligent, personal and provocative study of human identity and the symbols and rituals with which we seek to explore it.' Mark Oakley

Through Rachel Mann's skilful weaving of her own family stories, cultural history, theology and fresh readings of war poetry and literature, this book presents a compelling meditation on themes of remembrance in today's society.It is a tribute to the lost and never heard voices of the Great War and suggests that our memories of the conflict are crucial for 'British identity' in a world of collapsing traditional communities and identities.




6th.February 2017

The Gospel beyond the Gospels

By Trevor Dennis

SPCK Offer price £9.99

With charactersistic sensitivity and freshness, the author, shows that sometimes the Gospel narratives do not always seem to be fair to their a most remarkable way, Trevor Dennis gives those very narratives a second chance. (George Brooke, University of Manchester.)

Any book with a second chapter entitled 'The Vikings Were All Men' must be worth a read!


26th.January 2017



A pilgrimage to the Holy Land with the Reverend Richard Coles

By Kevin Jackson

Pallas Athene  £9.99

This is a lovely, light hearted diary of a pilgrimage led by Fr.Richard Coles of radio and TV fame and a close up portrait of the priest and the man. Illustrated throughout with colour photos. Just a lovely book!
















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